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Connecting great companies with great people is our business.

Cameron Smith & Associates sources talent at all levels for the construction industry. Our goal is to work with candidates who will excel with our client companies and stand the test of time. That’s why it’s important to us to get to know you and to understand your goals and priorities.

Break-In Tips


Read up on the construction industry, study the sites, and follow major builders in the news.


Become an Excel expert. Get comfortable using PowerPoint and Access. Check out classes at Northwest Arkansas Community College, 8th & Walton, and the University of Arkansas.


Seek out construction events in the community. Introduce yourself, ask questions – and listen. Build a network of relationships as you contribute to your favorite civic and charitable causes.


Apprenticing for a builder is a great way to learn the ropes. Some construction companies offer apprenticeships.


Image isn’t everything, but it can certainly help! Make sure your image is positive and professional.


Companies require team players with great skills to manage their business with large projects. Do your homework, expect to start at the bottom, and be prepared to compete!

If you have not worked for a builder recently, it’s not likely we can place you – at least not yet. When a client company brings us a job assignment, it is asking us to find candidates who are currently doing that job. That said, if you can get your foot in the door with a company, we would be in a position to help develop your career.

Our clients, the hiring companies, pay a fee for our recruiting services. There is no charge to the job seeker who is hired.

We recommend you submit your resume online. Your information will be distributed to the recruiters who specialize in your area. When we have a job match for you, a recruiter will contact you directly.

Yes. We do not share or sell candidate information. We regard your information and your job search as confidential, and we protect your privacy in the search process.

A recruiter will call you to conduct a brief phone interview regarding your qualifications. When possible, the recruiters try to meet with local candidates in person.

We started out by recruiting for construction companies in Northwest Arkansas. More than 20 years later, our recruiting team fills positions throughout the U.S.

We recruit for a wide range of positions: CEO, COO, CFO, VP – Business Development, Operations Manager, Director of Construction, Project Manager / Sr. Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Superintendent, Engineer, Estimator, Pre-Construction, and Scheduler

Yes, we have a team of certified professional resume writers with many years’ experience writing and editing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. For more on our services and pricing, click here.

All searches take time.  There is no specific timeframe as some people are fortunate and find a new role in a month and others can take 6 -8 months.  We notice that the more senior the person, the longer it can take.

Client companies contract with us to recruit qualified candidates for their open positions. When we receive your resume, we build a profile for you in our system to help match you with the type of role you are seeking. When the right opportunity comes in from one of our clients, we proactively contact you to discuss it and learn if you are interested in the prospective job.

Once you have spoken with a recruiter and your resume is entered into the system, you will be considered for new jobs as we receive them from our clients. When a job assignment comes in that is a good match for your background, we contact you to tell you about it and learn your interest in the opportunity.

We ask that you please update us if you have changed companies, received a promotion, or completed a degree or other credential. In any case, if you are in an active job search and haven’t heard from your recruiter in several weeks, it’s good to send a follow up email confirming your ongoing interest and bringing your recruiter up to date on your situation.

Since there are always more candidates than there are open positions, we think it is helpful for job seekers to understand how the process works.

To clarify, recruiters do not search for jobs for individual candidates. A client company contracts with us to fill an open position, and our task is to find candidates with the skills and experience for that job. To put it another way, we are not looking for jobs to suit a candidate. We are looking for candidates that fit our clients’ jobs.

Successful job seekers realize that working with a recruiter is one part of an overall job search strategy that includes personal research and networking, both online and face to face.


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